Washington, D.C is the only area that includes the Area Code 202

State of New Jersey with area code 201, Washington D.C was the second Numbering Plan Area (NPA) 202 Area Code NPAs that covered a whole administrative region received a code in which the second digit was ‘0’.

Washington D.C known as Area Code 202

Washington DC formally known as District of Columbia. AT&T established202 Area Code in 1947. In the North American numbering plan. This code is the original area code of Washington D.C

Washington, D.C., consists of industries like finance, healthcare, entertainment, insurance, retail, hospitality, food service, and technology. Therefore Washington DC with a population of over  646,000, over 266, 000 households.

George Washington was the first President of the united states and Washington D.C was named after him. Washington DC is one of the most visited cities in the United States, with more than 20 million visitors annually.

202 Area Code, Washington DC

202 Area code surrounded by Maryland area codes 301 and 240, and Virginia area codes 703, 571, and 540.

Washington DC is the capital of united states

Two states donated land, therefore, creating Washington DC Virginia, and Maryland. This land however originally included in already existing settlement Georgetown and Alexandria.

Virginia therefore later changes its mind and the donated land was given back along with Alexandria. so Washington only has land given by Virginia. Most of the people don”t know that also it was actually built on mosquitoes infected swamp which took years to drain. Now seeing Washington DC however you cannot imagine that.

Area code 202 also known as Washington DC is home to some of the country’s most top politicians, and meeting place of most powerful leaders and also place where most of the leading tech giants want to establish themself in Washington.

With these big influencers while all in one place, it’s not hard to convince entrepreneurs to set up shop in the area. Most local businesses belong to the foodservice industry—cafes and restaurants serving cuisine for locals and tourists alike.

In Business Insider’s “24 Coolest Small Businesses in Washington, DC for 2014,” more than half of the businesses listed are from the foodservice sector.

Time zone of Area Code 202

The 202 Area Code is located in the Eastern timezone.

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